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How does this work?

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As a MAEUR member you will get several advantages: discount on all our practice packages applied automatically, free access to the asssessment introduction training.

Why practice

If you have to take a test as part of your job application, you need to pass it. If you do not pass the test, your application is over. In many cases this also means you can not apply for a job at that company for several years. Therefore, it is important to practice for your test.

How to prepare

How can you best prepare for your test? It all starts with the right practice package. Hellotest offers practice packages tailor made for a specific test. If you have to take a test for company A, you will get a practice package for that test. Each practice package consists of lessons and practice questions.

Tests for academic level

All our tests are aimed at academic level. When you take a test, your score will be compared to other test takers with the same background and education. By preparing at an academic level you will make sure you can beat the average score.
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Training for assessments leads to a higher score.

A higher score gets you noticed by recruiters and increases your chance at a job.


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Achieve your best result
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Check your invitation from your future employer. In here you will find which company offers the test.


Assessment company

If your invitation does not offer any insights on which company offers the test, check our company overview.


Aptitude test

Find out which test you have to take and select the right test in our online store.


Start practicing

Our practice packages are tailor made for each test. Take the lessons and complete all practice test to prepare for your test.